2017-2019 Micro (Russian national category) 

2020-2023 Mini/Super mini (Russian category); 

                    Mini 60 (international races) 

2023   Ok n junior/ok junior (Italy/international races)

In detail:

2017 Start in sports karting in the Russian Championship. 

          6 th place in Championship. 

2018 2 th place in Russian Championship. 

2019 5 th place in Russian Championship (missing part of the season due to injury) 

1 st place Cup of Russia. 


 3 rd place in Russian Championship. 

1 st place Cup of Russia.

Gratitude for the contribution to the development of russian motorsport. 


2 nd place in Russian Championship. 

International competitions 2021: 

WSK Champions cup p15, 

WSK Super master series: 

  WSK SMS Adria р15, 

  WSK SMS La Conca p4, 

  WSK SMS Sarno p7, 

  WSK SMS South Garda p3


P2 WSK Euro series 

P3 WSK Euro series Adria 

P1 WSK Euro series Sarno

Rok cup superfinal P12 


Took part in more than 20 races in Italy: 

  P1 WSK Euro series rd1 Lonato 

  P4 WSK Euro series rd2 Sarno 

  P3 IAME series Italy Castelletto 

  P2 WSK Open cup Lonato 

  P3 WSK Final cup 

  P2 WSK final cup rd1 Sarno 

  P5 WSK final cup rd2 Lonato 


P1 Italian championship rd1 Cremona final1 

P1 Italian championship rd4 Sarno final1 

P3 WSK Open series rd1 Lonato 

P3 WSK Open series rd2 Cremona 

P3 WSK Supermaster series rd1 Lonato 

P2 WSK Champions cup Lonato

World Championship Fracciacorta P26

Baby Yoda on podium Vladimir Ivannikov best driver in mini category in karting 2022 2023 Italy WSK South Garda Lonato